Training & Education

Experience has shown that training is critical to the success of process improvement programs. Process Strategies offers a range of courses and workshops designed to provide participants with the knowledge, understanding, and skills they need to define, implement, and manage processes.  All courses can be tailored to meet specific needs and are available for on-site delivery. Selected courses may also be delivered via the web.

cmmiCMMI Courses

CMMI training is essential for anyone involved in process improvement and is required for those who are going to serve as appraisal team members.  We provide a range of CMMI classes, from the CMMI Institute's 3-day introductory courses and our one-day overview class to in-depth and high-maturity courses. READ MORE>>

Process Fundamentals Workshops

Our Process Fundamentals workshops are designed for the organization that is initiating a process development activity and needs to understand what a particular topic is all about. The workshops emphasize core concepts and present popular methods for performing the relevant processes.READ MORE>>

Special Briefings

We provide custom presentations targeted towards executives, managers, customers, and others who are interested in process improvement topics and issues.