CMMI Appraisals

A CMMI process appraisal is an objective evaluation of an organization's product development or service delivery capability. Our Certified Lead Appraisers are among the most experienced worldwide and have been providing CMMI appraisal services since 1991.

cmmi partnerAs a CMMI Institute Partner, we offer a full range of process appraisal services for the CMMI Development, Acquisition, and Services models — from formal benchmark appraisals to brief, informal assessments. We are certified by the CMMI Institute to lead SCAMPI High Maturity Appraisals, i.e., for Maturity Levels 4 & 5.

SCAMPI Class A Appraisal

A SCAMPI A appraisal is typically conducted when an organization has implemented a number of significant process improvements and needs to formally benchmark its process relative to the CMMI. SCAMPI A is the only appraisal method that provides CMMI Maturity Level or Capability Level ratings. READ MORE>>

SCAMPI Class B Appraisal

A SCAMPI B is called for when an organization needs to assess its progress towards a target CMMI Maturity Level, but at a lower cost than a SCAMPI A. SCAMPI B appraisals provide detailed findings and indicate the likelihood that the evaluated practices would be rated as satisfactorily implemented in a SCAMPI A appraisal.READ MORE>>

SCAMPI Class C Appraisal

SCAMPI C appraisals are shorter and more flexible than SCAMPI A and B appraisals and are conducted to address a variety of special needs, from a quick gap analysis to determining an organization's readiness for a SCAMPI A.READ MORE>>

Baseline Assessment

When there is a need to establish an initial process baseline — typically, when an organization has a low maturity process or is initiating a process improvement program — a Baseline Assessment is often the most cost-effective approach. Baseline Assessments characterize a process relative to the CMMI and provide a sound foundation for process improvement planning.READ MORE>>