About Process Strategies

Founded in 1992 by Frank Koch and Dr. Emanuel Baker, Process Strategies, Inc. provides process appraisal, training, and consulting services that bridge the gap between clients' process requirements and improvement frameworks such as the CMMI, PMBOK, and ITIL.

sei partnerWe are a CMMI Institute Partner for CMMI services. Our participation as an authorized provider of CMMI appraisal services started with the first lead assessor training class in 1990, when the initial Software Engineering Institute (SEI) appraisal method was released. We are certified to conduct SCAMPI appraisals at all CMMI levels and to provide training in all CMMI models.

With offices in California and Maine, we have completed engagements for more than a hundred commercial and government organizations around the globe, bringing our expertise to bear in helping clients establish world-class development and service capabilities.

Why choose Process Strategies?

Commitment to our clients.  In-depth expertise.  And more.  Here are five reasons why Process Strategies is your best choice for process improvement services:

CMMI Expertise

Certified in all CMMI models: Development, Services and Acquisition. Our extensive experience ensures that we know how to correctly interpret and explain the intent of CMMI practices. 

Industry Experience

Broad industry and government experience means we understand the context in which your processes are implemented. 

Appraisal Experience

Large or small, one site or many, Level 2 or Level 5, in the U.S. or overseas, we know how to optimally structure and conduct an appraisal for any type of organization or situation.

Proven Strategies

Our name says it all.  Our integrated process improvement strategies mean you won’t waste time and money with untested strategies and methods.

Management Perspective

Ensures that our focus is on addressing your organization’s process objectives with practical solutions and not on process change for its own sake.