Service Description

Schedule Compliance Risk Assessment Methodology (SCRAM)

The ability to meet schedules can make or break companies.  In California, there have been a large number of examples where road repairs/reconstruction was incentivized on the basis of meeting or beating a specified date.  Contractors made considerable profit by being able to beat target dates.  Boeing contracts with subcontractors on the 777 aircraft program contained substantial penalties for each day that they were late in delivery.  Subcontractors were highly motivated to meet their target dates.  Yet, schedules are often poorly estimated, resulting in either financial loss for a company or significant degradation in their reputation, making it harder to get subsequent contracts.

Process Strategies, Inc. (PSI) offers an evaluation methodology that assesses the risks in the ability to meet significant scheduled dates and milestones.  The method, called Schedule Compliance Risk Assessment Methodology (SCRAM), was developed by a joint US –Australian team of experts who have had considerable success in assessing the probability of meeting key dates.  PSI has recently signed on as a vendor for this evaluation methodology.

SCRAM determines the probability of meeting critical schedule dates by looking at a number of risk factors, such as workload, requirements clarity, stakeholder involvement, subcontractor performance, functional assets, staffing and effort, schedule and duration, schedule execution, rework, management and infrastructure, and technical debt.  A team of four to five experts spend typically one to two weeks on-site with the client organization interviewing key personnel.  Based on the findings, an assessment of the probability of meeting prescribed dates are made, together with recommendations for steps to take to improve the ability to comply with schedules.

Clients who have used SCRAM have benefited significantly.  It can benefit your organization as well.  Whether we are talking about a program such as the Boeing 777, construction of a new plant to provide capability to meet increased demand for a product, construction projects such as a phase of the California High Speed Rail project, delivering a new or upgraded software product before the competition does, or meeting a date imposed by a prospective client in their Request for a Proposal, to name a few, SCRAM can provide the answers for you.