Service Description

SCAMPI C Appraisal

SCAMPI Class C appraisals, the least formal of the CMMI Institute's suite of appraisal methods, are highly flexible and can be conducted to address a variety of needs. Typically much shorter in duration than Class A and B appraisals, SCAMPI C appraisals are often performed for reasons such as:

  • provide a quick gap analysis of an organization's process relative to the CMMI
  • assess the adequacy of a new process before it is implemented
  • monitor the implementation of a process
  • support the selection of a supplier

What can you expect from a SCAMPI C?

Because there is wide latitude in structuring a SCAMPI C, the types of results vary widely. Results reflect the purpose of the appraisal and often incude:

  • Findings that describe the strengths and weaknesses of the assessed processes. Depending on the appraisal scope and strategy, findings may be mapped to the relevant CMMI components.
  • Characterizations that summarize the adequacy of the assessed processes vis-à-vis the CMMI.
  • Recommended process improvement actions.
  • A FIDO database that the organization can continue to use to monitor process improvement progress and to support future appraisals.

What's involved in performing a SCAMPI C?

We work closely with an organization's senior management and process improvement leaders to develop an optimal appraisal strategy, taking into account the organization's size and structure, its appraisal objectives, and other factors that may be critical or unique to the organization.

Like a SCAMPI B, the SCAMPI C method is derived from the SCAMPI A method. Significant differences between a SCAMPI C and a SCAMPI B include:

  • A SCAMPI C can be scoped at any level of the CMMI structure, such as process area, goal, or practice.
  • Appraisal teams can be as small as one person (i.e., Lead Appraiser only).
  • Data corroboration and findings validation are not required (although may be advisable in some cases).
  • There are no specific requirements regarding the sources of objective evidence (i.e., artifacts and interviews).
  • A different scale is used for characterizing the examined CMMI components.

What are Process Strategies' SCAMPI qualifications?

Process Strategies is a CMMI Institute Partner for SCAMPI appraisal services. Our Lead Appraisers were among the first appraisers authorized by the SEI and have been leading appraisals for clients worldwide since 1991. We are experienced in performing SCAMPIs at all levels of the CMMI and are well-qualified in the statistical and quantitative methods used at Maturity Levels 4 and 5.

How can Process Strategies support your appraisal needs?

To discuss your appraisal requirements and learn how we can help you address them, call or email us.