Course Description

Understanding High Maturity


Many of the CMMI Maturity Level 4 and 5 practices rely upon statistical and other quantitative techniques. In order to use, manage, or appraise high maturity (HM) processes, one must have a solid understanding of the intent of the HM practices and the means by which they are often implemented. This one-day workshop provides a basic understanding of HM processes. A condensed half-day version is also available as a management overview presentation.

Intended Audience

This workshop addresses the needs of:

  • Process group members who are responsible for defining and supporting high-maturity processes.
  • SCAMPI team members who are participating in a high maturity appraisal.
  • Measurement analysts, project managers, and others who are responsible for analyzing and using quantitative information.

Workshop Objectives

  • Develop a conceptual understanding of high maturity processes
  • Understand the intent of the high maturity practices of the CMMI
  • Learn about methods often used when implementing high maturity practices

Workshop Outline

  • A Conceptual View of High Maturity
  • Process Performance Baselines and Models
  • Project Management at Level 4
  • What's up with Level 5?

CMMI Areas Addressed

The Measurement and Analysis Workshop addresses the CMMI Maturity Level 4 and 5 process areas. It is assumed that attendees have completed an Introduction to the CMMI course.


The general format is presentation and discussion.

About the Instructors

The instructors are experienced management consultants who have been helping organizations improve quality and productivity for more than twenty years.