Course Description

CMMI-DEV Overview

A One-Day Class


CMMI for Development (CMMI-DEV) consists of best practices that address the development and maintenance of software, hardware, and systems throughout the product life cycle.  It describes what is necessary to establish a disciplined, effective, and measured process and is used to help product development organizations assess their processes and identify the key areas on which they should focus improvement efforts.

This one-day class provides attendees with a basic understanding of the CMMI-DEV.  Less detailed than the Introduction to CMMI course, the class presents the concepts and principles upon which the CMMI is based and the five levels of process maturity defined by the CMMI.  It also discusses the CMMI's Process Areas and the role of the CMMI in assessing and improving the engineering process.

Course Objectives

  • Learn about the principles of establishing an effective engineering process.
  • Understand how the CMMI provides a framework for improving an organization's development capability.
  • Learn about the CMMI’s structure and process areas.

Class Outline

  • Process Management Principles
  • CMMI Levels 2 & 3 Process Areas
  • A Quick Look at Levels 4 & 5
  • CMMI Representations
  • CMMI and Process Improvement

Intended Audience

This course addresses the needs of managers, product development team members, and others who need a general understanding of the CMMI.

Class Format

The general format is presentation combined with class discussion.

About the instructors

The instructors are authorized instructors for CMMI Institute introductory CMMI courses and are certified Lead Appraisers for SCAMPI appraisals.  They have been helping engineering and services organizations improve quality and productivity for more than twenty years.