Service Description

Baseline Assessment

When there is a need to establish an initial process baseline — typically, when an organization has a low maturity process or is initiating a process improvement program — a Baseline Assessment may be the most cost-effective approach. Baseline assessment results accurately characterize the process relative to the CMMI and provide a sound basis for developing a process improvement strategy and plan.

What can you expect from a Baseline Assessment?

  • Findings that describe the strengths and weaknesses of the organization's software engineering processes relative to the CMMI.
  • Consensus on the critical process issues facing the organization.
  • Recommendations for addressing the key issues.
  • A FIDO database that the organization can continue to use to monitor process improvement progress and to support future appraisals.

What does a Baseline Assessment involve?

Based on the same time-proven principles embodied in the SEI/CMMI Institute appraisal methods, a Baseline Assessment is lead by an experienced Lead Appraiser and is collaborative in nature. Although similar to SCAMPI B and C appraisals in many respects, Baseline Assessments have fewer prerequisites and emphasize exploration rather than verification. Key activities include:

  • Key members of the organization's staff are selected and attend orientation to the CMMI and the Baseline Assessment method. This group then prepares an assessment plan and helps the organization prepare for the assessment.
  • Process documentation is reviewed and open discussions with project team members, managers, and others are held to gain insight into the current processes.
  • The team analyzes the data and formulates findings and recommendations that are reviewed with the assessment participants for accuracy and completeness.
  • The results are presented and discussed with the management team so that the organization is then well-positioned to prepare and implement a process improvement plan.

What are Process Strategies' appraisal qualifications?

Process Strategies is a CMMI Institute Partner for SCAMPI appraisal services. Our Lead Appraisers were among the first appraisers authorized by the SEI and have been leading appraisals for clients worldwide since 1991. We have helped many organizations initiate successful process improvement programs through our baseline assessment, strategic planning, training, and consulting services.

How can Process Strategies support your appraisal needs?

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