Process Consultants

Process Strategies, Inc., founded in 1992, helps software, systems, and professional services organizations achieve superior performance through process improvement. We are one of the most experienced CMMI Institute Partners for CMMI appraisal and training services and offer a full suite of integrated consulting, appraisal, and training services.


Process Strategies provides a full range of appraisal services – from short, informal assessments to SCAMPI appraisals that provide formal CMMI ratings. Our Lead Appraisers, among the most experienced worldwide, are certified in all CMMI models (DEV, SVC, and ACQ) and are certified to conduct High Maturity appraisals. READ MORE>


Our training services help participants acquire the essential knowledge and skills needed to implement meaningful and lasting process improvements. We provide official CMMI Institute training and our own focused CMMI courses for all models (DEV, SVC, and ACQ). In addition, we provide Process Fundamentals workshops that emphasize the underlying principles of effective processes and their practical application to real-life situations. READ MORE>


PSI’s structured consulting services are designed to help organizations plan and implement successful process improvement programs and establish effective processes that are enthusiastically used. Our internal research and education activities ensure that our clients receive advice that reflects industry best practices, current developments, trends, and issues. READ MORE>